Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Water is Wide: Harp Guitar Gathering V

Okay, this is a really pretty song, so I hope some of you enjoy it for that. For the rest of you-- HARPGUITAR! That is so weird. And just wait, because at one transcendent moment about a billion guys get up and all start playing harp guitars. I couldn't help but giggle. But maybe your all more mature than I.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

I know its been a while (once again) and everyone is pretty m
uch done with blogging, but I came across yet another delightful little title that could not be passed up-- Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Now finally you can begin to understand all of those unanswered questions! Like why was their an army stationed near a quaint little english town? Zombies my friends, zombies. Apparently a guy was thinking up fun things he could do to take advantage of books that are in the public domain and he realized that he could capitalize on peoples desire to read about the morbid. From what I've read online the book is '85 percent of the original text [...] but fused with “ultraviolent zombie mayhem.”'(Booklist). Sounds like a winner. Check it out!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Alternate Gettysburg

In preparation for the OAT I have recently returned to the BYU library to spend the arduous hours necessary to qualify the taking of such a test. I was looking around for a quiet, secluded spot when I remembered the science fiction section (PZ something or other). I thought that would be a great spot. It's always funny for me to walk by and look at the weird books there. Check out these covers!
I'm not going to lie, if my sisters wouldn't have mercilessly teased me, I would have read this stuff.
Anyways, I was admiring these titles when I happened upon this one.
I realized that the world needed to hear about this book! In case your wondering, the book delivers exactly what you would expect--shocking alternate views of how the Civil War could have happened. Imagine if Lincoln hadn't given his heart rending speech at Gettysburg but rather a bloodthirsty denunciation of the rebel scum! That's exactly what author James M. Reasoner depicts in his gripping story Blood of the Fallen. I had to know what happened. It begins smoothly ( Four score and seven years ago...) then Lincoln begins those famous and beautiful lines "But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate...we can not consecrate...we can not hallow this ground." Here however is where things go awry. At this point Lincoln doubles over in pain then clutching the podium lifts himself up and says that the only way to really consecrate the ground (now I'm paraphrasing, the author, obviously more talented with words did a much better job) was to wash it with rebel blood. Lincoln gets a crazy look in his eye and goes on to muse of how great it would be to be a young soldier and be able to kill rebels. To say I was shocked would be an understatement.
Anyways, as I read this, I realized that there was a whole sea of books that I have been ignoring. I've been wasting my time with "Classics" when there's great mind expanding stuff out there. I decided that I'm going to try and help these books get out to the people. So here you go people, Alternate Gettysburg, read it.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Nate Robinson Jumping Over Dwight Howard In Everyday Life

I watched the slam dunk contest the other week with my good friend T-hales2000000000 and was very disappointed to see Robinson win. I read this article and it cheered me up considerably. Come on guys, 12 feet!

February 19, 2009 | Onion Sports

ORLANDO, FL—Since leaping over Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard to claim his second NBA dunk title Saturday, 5-foot-9 New York Knicks guard Nate Robinson has apparently dedicated himself to the sole task of jumping over Howard as the 7-footer goes about his daily life.

According to Howard, Robinson bounded over him roughly two dozen times on Tuesday alone, most notably while the All-Star center was putting gas in his car, as he was standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, immediately after he woke up in the morning, two minutes later when he was taking a shower, and right afterward as he began to shave.

"I can't do anything without that guy jumping over me," said Howard, who glanced over his shoulder every few seconds during his press conference Wednesday. "He's everywhere. When I took my mom to her doctor's appointment last Monday, at church communion, and every time I get off my couch to put in a new DVD. And I watch a lot of DVDs."

"I don't know where he's coming from or how he's getting into my house, but I—" Howard added before he was interrupted by a pair of green shoes and shorts sailing over his head. "Oh, for Christ's sake."

Following the leap, Robinson recreated his post-dunk celebration, performing a dance step with his right foot while making an odd gliding/flying motion with his arms as Howard watched.

"I don't quite get this," Howard said.

Howard admitted that he had played along when Robinson first started bounding over him in a non-dunk-competition setting, saying that he thought the spectacle was good media fodder for All-Star weekend and that he believed it to be temporary. But that all changed Monday when Howard was trying on pants in the dressing room of an Armani Exchange in downtown Orlando. As Robinson flew overhead, Howard realized the leaping would continue indefinitely, even when there was no one around to notice or record the event, and even though Robinson does not live in Orlando.

"It was eerie," Howard said. "We locked eyes after the jump, and Nate just ran off without saying anything. Then he must have exited the store and reentered through the back, because the next thing I knew he was jumping over me again while I looked at belts."

Though the locations and times of Robinson's flights over Howard vary, Howard said he has learned that if he finds himself in a situation in which he is standing up and leaning somewhat forward, there is a good chance Robinson will come from behind and jump over his head, as was the case Monday afternoon at Pirate's Cove Adventure miniature golf course.

"Today I thought it was finally over because Nate hadn't jumped over me once—not at the cleaners, the skate park, the gym, anywhere," Howard said. "Then I sat down to a romantic dinner with my girlfriend and as soon as I stood up to light the candles, he comes flying in, breaks the dishware, and gets baked ziti all over the carpet."

"It's upsetting," Howard continued. "But you know what angers me most? It's that he really isn't jumping over me. His crotch is barely clearing the top of my head, and he is putting his left arm on my back for an extra boost. You people are seeing that, right? You're seeing that I need to lean down so he doesn't bang his waist into the back of my head and fall to the ground and embarrass himself in front of everybody? You saw that I dunked on a [edit] 12-foot hoop, right?"

According to Howard, Robinson has only hurt himself once. On Wednesday, as the Magic center was unlocking his front door, the Knicks guard apparently flew headfirst into the stained-glass window in the transom above Howard's doorway.

"Where is he?" a concussed Robinson said from the hospital's emergency room. "I got Superman's kryptonite right here."

Reports indicate that Howard is currently standing up against the safety bar at the edge of Niagara Falls.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I think that a lot of people got confused in the last post. The pakhawaj is the Indian drum, the stringed instrument is the sitar. I do not look like the guy playing the sitar (unless I get a siiiiick bowl cut), I look like the guy playing the drum. Wait a few minutes, you'll see 'im.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Long Lost Brother

When I was a boy, I always used to ask my mom for a brother. It was my one desire. After all of my pleading she never gave in. As a matter of fact, from this youtube video which I recently found, I learned that my mom went to the extreme of sending the one brother she could have given me to India. Yeah, that's right. That's him playing the pakhawaj. If you're reading this long lost brother, please come back. I miss you.