Thursday, December 20, 2007

Comience la Fiesta!

18 years and 5 days ago the world realized one of the most significant events of its existence. That's right, a pink, bloody, screaming, ball of energy that seemed to be born already knowing every swear in the book breathed her first breath. Behold and yea, LAURA! Upon hearing of the birth of yet another Boyer girl I ran into my moms room and cried into her pillow... for joy.
Oh yes, I was overjoyed and who would have known that my joy could have blossomed to its current state? I did not. I don't think I could have gotten a better deal. From watching her break her foot jumping off the couch to watching her break guys hearts, Laura has been the best sister ever(sorry Karen and Amy)!
Laura, I'm sorry I couldn't be there but when I get home Saturday mas cervezas en Tijuana! Vatos Locos para siempre guerra! Aye, aye, aye!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

No Swell, Oh Well

This is what we did on Thanksgiving. If you pay attention, we fall after almost every trick.
p.s. My brother-in-law edited this and chose the music. I like how he chose a song that makes obvious references to drugs. Thanks Joe.

Sunday, December 09, 2007


My mom always calls and asks what I do on the weekends. I always say "ma, c'mon, you know me, I don't do nothin'" What she don't know can't hurt her, ya' know?

So danço o Samba. Those are some sweet kicks.

You can compare the pictures, I think you can see the resemblance . If you have the time blow 'em both up and do a line-up.
Meg tried to cover her face for the picture. Eric photoshopped it in. Meg, sometimes it's just better to take the picture.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Chill airs and wintry winds! my ear has grown familiar with your song;

The first snowfall is usually the best. It generally gets very cold beforehand and then, when it finally does snow, it warms up just a little. At this point, you haven't entered into the doldrums of winter, so when it snows its almost like a miracle from heaven. You wake up and the whole world is hushed and everything looks so pure and white. I can see why this would be a good time to quietly think of the birth of the Savior.