Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kevin Gonzalez and Local No-name Start a Dumb Band

(I was looking in the New York times site and found this about my friend Mikey Ellis. I wanted to show it off to all of my friends. He is the "stupid friend" referred too. Don't take it too hard bud! Remember: "Any idiot can criticize, condemn and complain, and most idiots do." (Dale Carnegie))

PROVO, UT-- Local musician, Kevin Gonzales, and his stupid friend have decided to increase the already supersaturated Provo music scene with yet another band that sucks.
Both Kevin and his doof-wad companion felt the need to fill the gap in Provo's music needs by creating another band that has no meaning or real musical experience. "We just want to have fun," explained his friend (who is most likely trying to learn exactly what a diminished seventh chord is right now). The two began their musical careers with other unsuccessful bands like Golden Silence and some other band in Provo that never really produced any tangible, creative output. " I don't really know what we play," nonplussed his moronic friend. When questioned about the meaning of the lyrics on some of their recent works, his friend replied "I don't really know the lyrics... Kevin makes them up." Regardless, the band has decided to put out a cd. "We have songs, and we're going to record," growled the obviously embarrassed songster when pressed for more information. The band has no known gigs to be advertised, but more information can be found by going to the dumb friend's blog.


sodapop said...

the jig is up. for real.

Me, myself, and I said...

oh no! A bad review by a NY times reporter. Well that makes me convinced indeed! :-D MOM

The Tay-Hoo Kid said...

Know how your computer doesn't work very well? The LA Looks I squirted in there certainly could be the culprit...idiot.

Me, myself, and I said...

there's a saying reported to be from P.T. Barnum (the circus guy), "All publicity is good publicity...just spell my name right"